Portrait by bata Nesha, Belgrade, 2005.
Portrait of John Zerzan by bata Nesha. Belgrade, 2005.


Interview with Roc Morin for Vice

The Industrial Revolution wasn’t just about economics. As Foucault says, it was more about imposing discipline. It started to dawn on me, maybe technology has always been that way.

Interview with Martin Pavelka for More Thought

Are people happy with domestication, with leading domesticated lives? I think the answer is, resoundingly, 'no.'

Disinfo interview

Today, because of not despite technology, we are more and more isolated. Community, the fundamental aspect of non-domesticated and non-industrial life, is gone.

Telegraph interview

We've never had more technology than now, and it's coming out faster than ever. But that's exactly why I think people will start pushing back. They are beginning to see that technology doesn't deliver on its promises.

On Steve Jobs' Legacy

You can wax poetically about this clean, gleaming thing that is the Steve Jobs product, but in order to get it you have to have the ugly, systematic assault on the natural world.

We Heard Screaming (2012)

As community heads to a vanishing point, social ties and human solidarity are lost, of course. Nihilistic acts, including shootings, are symptoms of the isolating emptiness of mass society. How could it be otherwise?

Happiness (2011)

Is happiness really possible in a time of ruin? Can we somehow flourish, have complete lives? Is joy any longer compatible with the life of today?

Silence (2008)

“Silence used to be, to varying degrees, a means of isolation. Now it is the absence of silence that works to render today's world empty and isolating. Its reserves have been invaded and depleted.”

The Left? No thanks! (2008)

“ ...it isn't anarchism that is moving forward, but anarchy. Not a closed, Eurocentric ideology but an open, no-holds-barred questioning and resisting.”

Seize the Day (2006)

“Ours is an incomparable historical vantage point. We can easily grasp the story of this universal civilization's malignancy...”

No Way Out? (2003)

“The nature of the civilization project was clear from the beginning. As the swiftly arriving product of agriculture, the intensification of domination has been steady and sure...”

Why Primitivism? (2002)

“For a new orientation the challenge is at a depth that theorists have almost entirely avoided.”