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Since the millennium change John Zerzan has been expressing his anti-civilization views on his one hour live radio show, "AnarchyRadio". By audio streaming (KWVA 88.1 FM) you can listen to "AnarchyRadio" live each week on Tuesday's at 7pm PST and express your views by calling 541-346-0645 during the live broadcast.

Listed below are the archives of "AnarchyRadio."

Looking for the latest show? If the annotated list of shows below hasn't been updated yet, you should always able to find the latest Anarchy Radio at the top of this search results page.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. AR listeners swamp free Fifth Estate offer! Neo-Nazi rally in DC: miniscule. Fires and civilization, mass shootings spread. From the Pleistocene to the Plasticene but social media corporations slide. Anarchy in Portland OR. Accelerationism? Resistance briefs, five calls.


[audio] Arcata weekend. FIRES. Schools now feel need of mass shooting insurance. Read my "The Puzzle of Symbolic Thought." In-depth report on CHAGS conference. Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] An hour with Peter Werbe, long-time Fifth Estate editor.


[audio] Corrosive Consciousness clarified.. Severe global temps, fires; heat boosting suicide rates. News from CHAGS, Faces of wage-slavery. "People Who Do Not Need People," "The Face as Technology," anti-mortality movements. "How Tech's Richest Plan to Save Themselves from the Apocalypse." Millennials skip travel that isn't Instagrammable.


[audio] "Breath at the threshold" by Joan Kovatch. 2.1 million year-old tools, pre-domestication bread. Over-heating, drought, fires, 4 mile wide Greenland iceberg event. Time now measurable at 100 billionth of a second. Good discussion of basic questions. Action briefs, 4 calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. World heat wave, ways to poison planet. "Strikingly humanlike" foot of 3.3 million year-old 3 year-old. Human No More book: anthropology in an increasingly place-less cyber world. High-tech Nagano, Japan, a ghost town. ES-100 from Tanita tells you if you smell, renders noses obsolete. Should children be polite to robot voices? Hyundai - "a new mobility is coming." Action briefs, three calls.


[audio] Pixar movies very anti-tech future as tech engulfs reality. Mass shootings go global, planetary over-heating updates e.g. Arctic Ocean melts into Atlantic. Japanese island hermit forced back into civ. Timehop gives one self, memory. Robots and consciousness, manners. But mostly calls re: last week's phone-ins, five calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. She reports on ICE occupation in Portland. "I Really Don't Care. Do U?" :What kind of statement /meaning? Suicide watch, near and far, what it is saying. Eco disaster of the week, Racist pig murder of the week. Two calls.


[audio part 1] [audio part 2] More on suicide, depression, drugs. What is AR mostly trying to do? Drought vs. flooding. Venezuela. Anti-civ getting some notice at last. (Un-)health news. (Google) ad of the week. Some resistance news, discussion of The Brilliant, Anews podcast. 5(!) calls.


[audio] Two offerings on "The Case Against Philosophy." Suicide news...a culture of suicide? Fires, drought, water woes, indoor pollution. Horror movies, comic book movies. Anti- work, anti-voting. Ever more isolation. The novel Break.Up. Swedish kid drowns while crowd takes photos, blocks rescue. Driverless cars to increase congestion as Hyundai proclaims advent of "a new era of mobility." Verizon: We Didn't Wait for the Future. We Build it. Enormity of tech, of distrust of it. One call.


[audio] Tribe by Sebastian Junger, LA Book Review's "The New Primitives" by Ben Etherington. Indigenous video and panel at U of O Longhouse May 30. Weekly news of the Onslaught on the physical, social, personal worlds. Barbara Ehrenreich's Natural Causes. Domesticated fish going deaf. Eating alone, Lynq vs. lynx. Stone tools. Ads of the week, political and resistance reports. One call.


[audio] "Space: The Final Socialist Frontier?" - In These Times (David Graeber's outlet). Black Seed #6: "ambiguity" its watchword(!) The Case Against Philosophy read by JZ. Almost incredible eco news briefs, ditto latest tech developments as civilization displays extremes of ever more anti-life aspects. (Suburu) ad of the week, resistance news. [Kathan co-hosted May 8 episode]


[audio] A fun and stimulating hour with friend and vivid anarchist Rotn.


[audio] Kentucky Derby and domestication. Oppositional energy on upswing internationally. Backwoods zine. 700,000 year-old sea voyaging to Philippines. Ad of the Week: Verizon: "We're Not Waiting for the Future, We're Building It." Disease epidemics now chronic, from e-coli to ebola. Massive pollution from international shipping. Geoengineering trashed; raves for Camila Power. Action news, one call.


[audio] May announcements. Avengers(!) Varieties of violence. Japan's 'rent-a-relative' phenomenon. Water, birds disasters. Even more on loneliness. Ad of the week: Splunk (Data uber alles). Disaffection with technology? More costs of tech. Camila power, Jerome Lewis: superb radical anthropology videos. Action briefs, 3 calls.


[audio], JZ on SPELLBOUND, OPB (May 2). Critique of Graeber and Wengrow essay. Ad of the Week: Dropbox (meaningful work"!), as Big Data means further deskilling among other things. People connected to nature take 90% fewer selfies, lower anxiety. Geoengineering madness possibly nearing, more on antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Extreme weather news, birds in serious decline, Atlantic circulation slows gravely, signatures disappearing. Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Elijah sits in. State of Global Air study: over 98% breathe unsafe air as civilization poisons the planet. The Disconnect - "Join us on Twitter"(!) Singer The Weekend: death and decay in society at Coachella. This Land of Strangers by Bob Hall: epidemic aloneness with mass migration to online "life." 5G iphones: a massive radiation upgrade. Action briefs.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Apple's lie about its clean energy. Zero privacy, digital lives. "Generation Z Already Bored by the Internet." "Ardi Walked the Walk [like us] 4.4 Million Years Ago." 58,000 homeless in LA, imperialism of modern medicine, enormous oil spills. Journey Towards the Abyss #4, BAGR podcast #6. Action news, one call.


[audio] Trump and Jensen Ban Transgender Troops. JZ reads "The Spectacular Growth and Failure of Cities." Earth Hour confronts climate change! World's largest cruise liner and other mass society disasters. Graeber, another disaster. Pacific plastics patch twice the size of Texas. Steph Clark, another black murdered by cops. Oxford prize paper: on genetic "disenhancement" of industrial animals. Consumer Reports: How to Quit Facebook." Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Stay away from Facebook! Teens, elderly anxious. "In Praise of ADHD"(!) Pop songs depict very dreary zeitgeist. SF Bay Area, Easter Island sub- siding. "How to Make AI Human-Friendly." Data is all. "Let's Put Smart To Work: IBM" "It's Time to Make Human-Chimp Hybrids (humanzees)." Two calls.


[audio] GUNS! DGR at E-Law; Trans hater Jensen at Eugene Public Library. Failed academic and bad writer David Graeber fails with new effort. The usual eco-horrors of the week (e.g. extinction, pollution news). Digitally interact with the dead. UK kids increasingly unable to hold pens + pencils due to tech use. "Will 2018 Be the Year of the Neo-Luddites?" Action news.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. FRR's send-up of Anarchy Radio. "What's Up With Derrick Jensen?" Hunter-gatherer story-telling. 32* at the North Pole - 50 degrees above normal. "Tech Eyes the Ultimate Start-Up: An Entire City." Alexa everywhere, action briefs, crypto-currencies NOT de-centralized.


[audio] Cliff and JZ on latest shooting massacre. CO2 is now 407 parts per million - hello, ASMR: pseudo-intimacy. Orangutans face extinction, 13 year-old Gulf of Mexico oil leak, Bering Sea ice disappearing. More Dead Cops. Algorithms in law, health, etc. Jeff Bezos' 10,000 year clock, Elon Musk: we must merge with the Machine. Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Epidemic of loneliness, epidemic of despair. Life expectancy slipping. Pinker's new, nutso Enlightenment Now. Narcissism e.g. "The Bride May Now Kiss Herself." Few anarchists seem to notice what's happening in society at large. Missile proliferation - like the rest of technology. Open season on cops. Sea level rise accelerating, extinction crisis in Australia, enormous East China Sea oil spill. E-skin. What is resistance? Action news.


[audio] Black and Green Review #5. Worsening media, recycling, mass transportation blues. My BDYHAX weekend in Austin. Childless futures, mercury from melting Arctic, species extinctions in Irish waters. Action news, three calls.


[audio] Last Wed.: 50 Years of 1968 at Oregon State; next weekend: BDYHAX in Austin. Oceans strongly warming as well as rising, acidifying. Shootings point toward collapse in America. Bad coral reef, light pollution news. Mil- lennials increasingly withdrawn, stay-at-home. VR soon to include "human" touch. Devumi: fake accounts, fake users in a fake techno world. Action news.


[audio] O'odham elder and activist Ofelia Rivas, by phone on increasing border militarization and surveillance. Crazed weather, (school) shooting of the week, cities in crisis globally, end of civ looming? Geo-engineering? Robot Holocaust survivor? Stores with no-one there, nature walks - by phone. Sex dolls the same as Facebook in terms of avoiding human contact? Minister for Loneliness in Britain. Wolves' comeback in Europe, action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Rising level of militancy (e.g. Iran, Tunisia, Sudan, NYC fast-food workers, forest defenders)? JZ on the road, getting published - despite postmodern nay-sayer. Shooting (stabbing) of the week, E. Antarctica unstable, snow getting scarce, fresh- water acidifying. 8 million tons of plastics into oceans annually. is back - back to 1800s? Latest ITS extinctionist pathology. Craft, by Alexander Langlands. Action news, calls from OH and FL. Ofelia Rivas next week.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Bizarro weather (113 in Sydney, snow in Sahara). Shooting of the week, biggest global oil tanker disaster since 1991, tech take-over of health industry (ads of the week). Indigenous as key to un- derstanding where you live. Domestication of kids, high fatality rates of US kids. Decline of anarchism in UK. Myopia epidemic in tech-heavy countries. Can't build a forest. Action news, one call.


[audio] Iran erupts, eastern North America in deep freeze. Joey from Deep Green Bush School in New Zealand reports. Late 2017 rampant violence: mass shootings, pig violence. Latest urban horrors, reefs dying, air worsening.The "Brilliant" episodes 59- 63 on technology critique: Huh? Action news, one call.


[audio] 2017 music: "Glummest." Urban reality ("The Mega-City, Unleashed'"), plastics in deepest oceans. Instagram a "facade," toys spy on you. "The Postmodern Now" by JZ. Junk food globalized, US life expectancy falls. Fred Moten: Black culture's mission is "to un-civilize, to de-civilize this country." Action news.


[audio] Elijah sits in. Somnox, the world's first sleep robot. California still burning, AMRAK and other mass transport crashing. Swiss prepare for end of civili- zation. World's largest airport loses power. World's largest cruise ship: "Inde- pendence of the Seas" (geddit?) Artists on VR. E-waste piling up, 1/3 of all food grown is wasted. Progress. Action news, one call.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Fires and homelessness. Bizarre urbanism, pig violence under-reported, starving polar bears. Wind power waning due to warming. iNaturalist as forests die. Toll of loneliness. This is the Age of Horror. Emptiness of popular terms. Action news.


[audio] [first 5-10 minutes did not stream, but full hour recorded] Insidious Nazi in- filtration (a heads-up). The week's oil spills, epidemics, pollution news. Stress levels, student outbursts, girls' self-harm. Going fast, social media bad for health. Nintendo "reunites you with nature." New Hampshire dr. rejects "electronic medi- cine," loses license. Olympia blockade/occupation + mucho other action briefs, one call.


[audio] Anti-civ, anti-fracking blockade in Olympia WA. 21,000 gallon Keystone Pipeline spill in South Dakota. Urban Scout and Kevin Tucker by phone: rewilding, our ancestral being. Anti-digital currents. Oldsters in UK lament machine check-outs when shopping: one less area of human contact. Climate change drove ISIS recruitment in Iraq. Coastal kelp forests disappearing globally, Pacific Islands to lose 80% of marine species. Bird flu spreads in Asian cities.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. The decomposition of just about everything. Shootings ever more deadly. High blood pressure, Zany Tech Tricks, primitivist feminism. NSA hacked. Family Romance in Japan sells fake friends and family. Digital meds (has sensors to report on patient). Dis- illusion with tech? Action briefs, one call.


[audio] Latest shooting massacre(s). "Lucky." Paucity of actual discourse in society. Homelessness crises, 8 million tons of plastics dumped in seas annually, climate refugees on tap big-time. "Bushman Banter," tech/media firms mer- ging, enormous recalls. Alt-Right failing, virtual treadmills: no movement necessary. Action news, two calls.


[audio] JZ reads "The Prison of Symbols." Record CO2 surge in 2016, Gulf of Mexico awash in oil. "Climate change is much, much worse than we thought." Anarchists fiddle while Rome burns. Human caring in pre-history. New AI religion: Way of the Future. "Leave Someone Behind? Your Car May Soon Warn You." Saudi Arabia grants citizenship to Sophia the Humanoid. Taro card fad. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Rewilding Conference in Portland. "Domestikator" sculpture scandal in Paris: domestication nailed. Insect die-off in Germany called "ecological Armageddon." Power lines sped northern California fires; southern California heat wave. Global pollution mounts, adult-onset ADHD. Hello antifa, goodbye post-Left. Action briefs.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Fires uncover pollution in every case. Language 1.8 million years ago?? CNN: millennials unbelievably unskilled. Severe anxiety #1 problem for adolescents. Global obesity, starving penguins. Who volunteers any more? No way to spot mass killers-to-be. Quantum computing: a new gold rush. Action news


[audio] Neither the Las Vegas massacre or the dope OD epidemic (leading cause of death for Americans under 50) bring out questioning of this stage of social existence. Blade Runner 2049. Eve of "antibiotic apocalypse" re: global resistance to the drugs. Plague rages in Madagascar. Upcoming Rewilding Conference in Portland. Need for standardized emojis. Action news, one call.


[audio] Puerto Rico, Las Vegas: mounting crises in both spheres of life. Does anarchism offer anything? Blade Runner 2049, etc: apocalyptic zeitgeist. Ad of the Week: IBM "Can Offer Customers What They Want Before They Want It." Homelessness, plas- tics, extinctions, emotional dis-eases on the rise. Reality is stark, solutions are ob- vious but disallowed. Wolves near Rome, Eagles rip Drones from the skies. One call, action briefs.


[audio] (Last week's show pre-empted by unforeseen sports broadcast.) Kathan co-hosts. Puerto Rico devastation has silver lining: opens door to a more industrialized agriculture(!) Opioid scourge now lower- ing US life expectancy level. Lack of sleep, sitting kills. Oil spill of the week, mass shooting of the week. Deaths of desperation, death by distraction. Peak sand, chatbots for the dying. Chicago Tribune: "The New iPhone Proves the Unabomber Was Right." Action briefs, 2 calls.


[audio] Extreme weather/mutual aid. End times in the air, mass shootings. Plants vs. pollutantss. Android entered in portrait competition, online trust? Ugly art. "The Case Against Civilization," by John Lanchester, "Tech People," by Nagib Aminy @ Action news, two calls.


[audio] Smoked out! The West is burning. Hurricane Harvey and the future of cities. "American Horror Story: Cult," Eden" TV series and what they tell us. Tech as the new religion - while civ reveals itself all the more fully. One call (about indis- criminate violence), action briefs.


[audio] Hurricane Harvey - a "natural" disaster? Chomsky now a primitivist; The Chiseler strikes again! Global over-heating/extinctions/air pollution/recalls news. Forest Defenders R back. Cliff at Seattle Anarchist Book Fair. Stephen Pinker: Enlightenment Now(!) Action news, one call.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Cascadia Cave. Rising fascist threat ??(e.g. Boston, Durham) Coral, kelp dying out globally. Barcelona jihadists "normal"! Anews editorial #25: Subjectivism 101. David Byrne, Zizek(!) on technology. A vaccine for heroin. LED eyelashes, NurturePod by Stuart Candy. One call.


[audio] Alice and John do the show. Charlottesville weekend; How big is the fascist threat? Scary civ news of the week. Our 8 days in New York. Modern humans in SE Asia 20,000 years earlier than thought. Google uber alles. Action news, one call.


[audio] JZ back from NYC, Kathan co-hosts. Global HEAT. Gulf of Mexico dead zone growing. Air conditioning killing planet, isolation bigger cause of death than obesity. More dead cops. Black Seed#5. The insanity of mental health via smartphones. Artificial Intelligence not panning out. Action news, one call.


[audio] Check out '80s movie "Cutters Way", Laura Dassow Walls' new Thoreau biography, Affluence and Abundance by James Suzman, and Layla at Revolutionary Left Radio(!). Major drought, disease reports. China goes for astrology. Nihilism expanded. True Companion: an AI robot one can buy and simulate rape. Action news, one call.


[audio] Show's over, ITS. New England Journal of Medicine: "The current level of air pollution is toxic." Full Stop. Delaware-size iceberg breaks off Antarctica. Breaking the Spell by Chris Robe. Leftist take on Hamburg G20. Death of George Romero, birth of zombie culture. Robot drowns in fountain; listen to podcasts 4x as fast. Ad of the week: Qualcomm/ in love with phone. Action news, one call.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Hamburg!!! ITS hits new low (31st communique). Trap of high tech medicine. The proximity of an iphone - on or off - makes you stupid. "Biological annihilation" (6th mass extinction well underway). Tennis star too "bored" to win at Wimbledon. Digital theme park in Thailand opening. Air on cruise ship decks gravely polluted. Lots of action news, three calls.


[audio] Shooting sprees, environmentalism at point zero, daily op-eds on no confidence in govt. India choking, China becoming a desert, Siberian fires visible from space. Urban noise = bad health. The Brilliant with Bellamy (episode 50) and Abe Cabrera (episode 49): ITS losing its "luster," nihilists in retreat? Brain-eating amoebas in Louisiana. plague in New Mexico. Action news.


[audio] Cops kill more blacks, dope epidemic rages, lethal heat waves e.g. in Southwest (street signs melt, jets can't lift off, AC fails, homeless die). My ten days in Italy. Lake Chad almost gone, democracy in death throes? Nihilism leads to ITS fetish? 2/3 of all traffic deaths due to road rage. Cars, homes are traps for toxic air. Completely baseless tech claims. Girl Scouts to become cyber cops. Binky: the app that does nothing. One call.


[audio] Kathan, Cliff, and Ian host. Portland MAX attack as nihilism in action? R. M. Dunbar on friendship, indiscriminate violence and morality. Four calls.


[audio] "Nihilist" attack on Portland light-rail, two dead. Ads of the week. Everything is online - and often failing, paralyzing major services. OD's under-reported, mass shootings con- tinue. Birds, sea life steadily poisoned. Second Livestock, latest GMO madness, robot- ics for babies. Paul Kingsnorth: "Most of us don't want to change much."(!) Kathan, Cliff, Ian next week (June 6). International action reports, two calls.


[audio] ITS, ISIS claim responsibility for Manchester Arena bombing. No more Ringling Bros. Horkheimer on the circus and domestication. Ross Ice Shelf at risk, flooding threatens Global Seed Vault in Arctic. Anti-fa at It's Going Down: pro-union, leftist, inflating the 'global rise of fascism.' Tokyo 2020 Olympics - 'greenest games of all' - stadium built of wood from rainforest indigenous Penan, destroying their lifeway. VICE UK sees pos- sible anti-tech counterculture emerging as online losing its luster. Action news, one call.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Global hack by wannacry: no place to hide. Telehealth: be a virtual patient. Accelerationism. Murder of a young woman - latest fascist path- ology from ITS. Invisible Committee gets it re: technology; Adbusters does NOT. Shootings, oceans awash with plastic, coffee shops drop wi-fi. Action briefs, 3 calls.


[audio] The Great French election abstention. Further sickening ITS garbage: kill all hikers! Domestication is here to stay! Can't go back! Chronic misery of civilization, arctic melting faster, "alarming" Long Island water crisis, record heat in US SouthWest, opioid epidemic worsens. Indian anthro- pologist regrets his role in domesticating Andaman Islanders. Resistance news, Feral Futures in SW Colorado, June 17-25.


[audio] May Day action! ITS #28 and Wandering Cannibals proclaim hate and death for all humans - except themselves. Humans in So. Cal. 130,000 years ago. "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (Online)," "Pope Tells Tech Leaders to Nurture Ties With Others." More extinctions, power outages, shootings, anxiety "disorders." Head of AMA: tech HARMS patients. Resistance news, three calls.


[audio] Anti-fa? Yes, but...Zombies of the week. Documenta 14/postmodernity/March for Science. No more play for kindergartners, groundwater going. Acid attacks on big rise in UK. More nightclubs are anti-cell phone. Website best way to con- nect with ill friend. Where's the post-left, anti-civ pulse of anarchy?? Latest from The Brilliant. "Panic Attack": "society is a stew of unease, fear, rage, grief, help- lessness and humiliation." Action briefs, three calls.


[audio on KWVA archive: navigate calendar to 4/18/2017, click on the date, then click the 'play' icon next to Anarchy Radio. There are several minutes of music before the show starts.] Kathan co-hosts. KZ reflects on the 47th anniversary of her felony arrest and the course of her life. More on anti-fa as a weak, lowest-common-denominator liberal approach. More spills, shootings. Earth Day?? "France in the End of Days." "How Western Civilization Could Collapse" (BBC). The ever greater lies and swindle of technology, its ever greater colonization and reach. Resistance news, one call.


[audio] Shootings on rise. Creeping fascism?? Abe Contreras attacks JZ for ITS. Friendship - has it gone? Munich's Blitz nightclub bans cell phones but tech is ever more totalitarian. Kevin Tucker's "Peak Civ" column at It's Going Down. Robots for old people provide a more "deep" communication than "human-to- human" interaction. UK toy company called Technology Will Save Us. Action news, three calls.


Anarchy Radio...No recording due to failure at radio station.


[audio] Orange County Anarchist Book Fair says. "Abandon divisions" - anarchist trend back to leftism? Springtime rise in shootings, polar ice at record lows. US white adult death rate up sharply. Climate change worsens massive China smog, Seattle pumping millions of gallons of raw sewage into Puget Sound. My ITS death threat, theme parks going virtual. "What would your 'model' society look like?" Action news, 3 calls (2 on-air).


[audio] Marco Camenisch is finally out! World Happiness Day, US not so happy. Who is healthy? Maldives sinking. Latest insane tech developments. More on Harari's Homo Deus book of horrors. Sleep in America. Stem cell treat- ments blind 3, selfies kill more in 2015 that shark attacks School shooting in France. Is anarchy confronting reality? Resistance briefs.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Portland's anarchist pothole brigade. Alexander Kerensky in 1917 and 1966. Ted K's new book: Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How. James Oberhelm, Irish art provocateur. Who's voting anymore? London air worse than Beijing's. Alaska's Cook Inlet gas line leaking since December. The Void: "truly beyond VR." Action news, one call.


[audio] Tabling at ELaw with Ian; good stuff. Read out "Death." Anarchy Radio is "gossip and NYT reprints"(?) YouTube: a billion hours a day. Bird flu is back, French towns "fade", zines not obsolete despite internet (see Black and Green Review!) Action news. Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology" as social media produce more social isolation. Sleeplessness, spills, Colorado River declining, two calls.


[audio] Local Girl Scout scandal: need for AUTHORITY. Facebook calls for "global community" (read integration into world Machine). Age of Disbelief, More Dead Cops, Peak Sand? Walden Pond "stillness" from a video game; Toxic online "discourse" - Rx is more tech- nology; sense of smell - AI's algorithms are better. Toys spying on families. Anti-authori- tarian resistance - not nihilist enough?


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. How urbanism fails globally. How fixating on Trump fuels science and technology. Homo Deus, another hideous, tech-worshipping book. Scurvy makes a comeback in a disease-ridden world. Older Americans hooked on mind drugs. Elon Musk on human-machine interface: needed to keep up! Are egoists and nihilist anarchist? Resistance briefs, three calls.


[audio] The Brilliant on Atassa/eco-nihilism. "Thoughts of the Week on Anarcho- transhumanism"? Zoltan's "Immortality Tour." Chemical pollution in extreme ocean depths, biodiversity expiring, addiction as a condition of society. Antarctic ice shelf nears end. Work of Layla AbdelRahim, Chellis Glen- denning, Zygmunt Bauman. Action news, seven calls (two off-air).


[audio] Cliff co-hosts, Super Bowl ads of the week. Severe eco assaults in China, India. US attack in Yemen echoes Obama. Anarchist action in Berkeley tops the charts. Resources on online damage to kids. "Dark Night" details "numb, narcotic mood" across America. Internet source of global warming. Action briefs. Desire and hope ...and egoism.


[audio] Trump, anti-Trump...any significant anti-authoritarian quotient? Will there be? "Our Dissolving Social Glue." Latest oil spills, primate extinctions. Chile on fire, Bay of Bengal's giant dead zone, superbugs winning against antibiotics. Dutch orangutan on Tinder. Ad of the week (hermes as nature). Action news, 3 calls.


[audio] Alice co-hosts. Global over-heating is accelerating; "Experts Foresee Profound Threat to Civilization." Super-rich seek safe redoubts. Pipeline news, including repression and theft by Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council. We discuss our three weeks in Egypt. High-tech isolation mounts. Ads of the week, anarchist action briefs, two calls.


[audio] What was anarchy in 2016? Shootings, extinction news, drought in French Alps, pollution in London worsens. New issue of Black and Green Review. Is the Invisible Committee "commie"? Latest Earth First! Journal. Massive global corporate corrup- tion - a new stage? Human-robot marriage by 2050. Three calls. Egypt with Alice next week.


[audio] Kathan and Ian discuss approaches to spirituality (e.g. animism) and technology. One call.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Standing Rock comments. Disturbing China news. The Brilliant, IGD. Crazy Arctic warming, porpoise extinction. Spike in drug use, mental dis-ease. Mark Boyle goes anti-tech, digital "education." Ad of the week: $720 self-lacing shoes. Action briefs.


[audio] Heretofore hidden politics of Standing Rock. Eugene Weekly and DGR organizer Sam Krop. More of "Fake News," spawn of postmodernism. Denver "Autonomous" Assembly vs. actual autonomy? Artforum's empty "Imagine a World" feature (Nov. issue). Extinction news, opioid epidemic. Ads of the week e.g. ask Google how to make your infant laugh. Why driverless cars. Action briefs, three calls.


[audio] Read my "Night" and "Black Friday". Maddening high tech ads. A very violent week. SF's Millenium Tower sinking, tilting. "Fake News" - who can say(?) Third Stage en- vironmentalism after 30 years. India bans fireworks to reduce pollution(!) Chess vs. computers. Anarchist (mostly) action news, two calls.


[audio] Fifth Estate, Submedia-TV, even Leonard Cohen, come under scrutiny. More Dead Cops. North Pole last Thursday: 36 degrees above average. Post-election hate acts - what to do. Peak Oil?? Apps for doing good, for avoiding death-by-selfie. Philosophy Talk, Ad of the week. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts and reports on awesome Portland resistance ($1 million damages Nov. 11). Ayahuasca: a consumer fad? Hydro power = mercury poisoning. The South is burning. Polluted Danube, need for our own resources health-wise, not techno "solutions." Artificial daylight. Bank of No Money touts autonomy, not leftoid organization fetish. Action news, one call.


[audio] Voting is not the way out. Air pollution severe in Asia. Children made dumber, fatter by technology. Suicide rates, mass shootings, cops getting shot - all rising. New books. Again, "Will Standing Rock Give Anarchism a Soul?" Mono- polization increasing, Chomsky a self-described Bernie liberal. Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] A tale of two occupations; inside Standing Rock. Earth First! review of BAGR#3. Low energy pop culture, labor unrest. "Will Standing Rock Give Anarchism a Soul?" Modern Madness by Ed lord, Feral Consciousness by Julian Langer. Every company a tech company. "Opioid Poisonings Surge Among Children." Tech ads of the week. The Rhino GX. Call- out for G8 Hamburg July 2017! Action reports, four calls.


[audio] Local pro-cop media. Tom Hayden vs. Eugene anarchists (2000). Excerpt from Don DeLillo's fine Zero K novel. Desertification of China, mammal extinctions, shootings of the week. EZLN now firmly Left: politician land. Black Mirror, oil and chemical spills. "Disappearing Middle Eastern Neighborhoods Find New Homes Online", Toyota's new Kirobo Mini, a robot baby. Anti-authoritarian news,


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Trump=fascism? "Sully" movie is anti-tech. More clown hysteria. Resistance in Portland. The Moth Snowstorm celebrates nature and its continuing beacon. "The First Farmers" - domestication was imperialist. More cops shot. Children of the New World (They Delete Their Kids). Space travel and dementia. Latest v. diluted product from Derrick Jensen. Action news, one call.


[audio] Nihilist jokes, "Someone Mailed Feces to Four Philosophers." Clown panics: jumpy people. Regresion #5: Saving the world is the "highest form of domesti- cation," in latest ITS-style lunacy. Worsening cities, air, as robotics marches forward. Cops killed in So. Cal, anarchist/anti-authoritarian resistance. Five calls.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Re: last week's call from rotn: nihilism and what's the point? Anarcho-primitivist Ria Montana on Which Side. Exploding batteries, cars, washing machines. Technology weakens us, displaces human interaction. iPal robot keeps kids quiet and surveilled ("companionship"). Stress overrides diet in terms of general health. People reading much less over past ten years. Anarchist resistance briefs.


[audio] Tulsa, Charlotte - and next week? More rampage shootings. Dispossess #5: egoist vs. primitivo. Rotn calls in re: nihilism. Ben Rivers' "Two Years at Sea" film. Dodge Charger: "Domestic not Domesticated." "Machine learning" solves problems that need not exist. Resistance news in brief.


[audio] Ode(s) to nihilism. Egoist-nihilist offering from Greece: Anti-Social Evolution (self-indulgent despair). 1 or 2 things about The Brilliant #32. Some of the week's violence, water woes, 1.5 billion birds gone. 3.66 million year-old footprints: walked just like us! LA man who walks people for a living, child suicides, resistance news.


[audio] Vagaries of 9/11, including Ward Churchill's fate. Standing Rock update. Nicholas Carr's Utopia is Creepy: And Other Provocations e.g. "Technology promised to set us free. Instead it has trained us to withdraw from the world into distraction and dependency." Ayuhuasca craze. Yet more anti-anarchist ITS crapola. Violence, eco-disasters. Resistance news. "Multinaturalism." (Dell) ad of the week and other astounding tech developments. One call.


[audio] Isaac Cronin on The Brilliant. Read my "Two European Thinkers to the Rescue!" No stopping motorists texting while forests, elephants, mussels, handwriting, health, coastlines disappear. Quakes, air pollution, loneliness on rise as Johan Norberg's Progress says things couldn't be better. Tech promising everything, solving nothing. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Interchange and live music with Nazel Pickens! Green Anarchy and Black and Green Review. Elon Musk on "unborn" cars; elusive nihilism; "emotionally fragile" students." 13th ITS Communique: hydrochloric acid in the Coca-Cola. Online = "digital heroin." Resistance News - especially growing Standing Rock, 3 calls.


[audio] "Lo and Behold," Herzog's fine critique of the high-tech pitch. Read my "Meaning in the Age of Nihilism." A-p reply to the ITS-type "The Calusa: A Savage Kingdom." "Dispossess" and the anti-primitivist anarchists who claim to be anti-civilization. "Hand Writing Just Doesn't Matter." (Samsung refrigerator) ad of the week.. Resistance news, one call.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Role of Anarchy Radio. Tattered spectacle: Rio follies. Milwaukee uprising. July hottest ever, California ablaze, explosive rains seen globally. Yellow fever to follow Zika as scourge as tech marches forward. More violence in all directions. Anarchist responses in terms of projects e.g. architecturally? Artificial light weakens us. Action news, three calls.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Rio Olympics debacle. Eco-Nihilist critique of Black and Green Review. "Fifty States of Anxiety." Varieties of violence. Despite phone problems, 4 calls; 2 counseled more attention to affirmative projects. Brain-eating amoeba, complexity=breakdown. Resistance news.


[audio] Who is "JZ"? Troll of the week. Debord: ideas should be used up in battle. Aragorn! on internet and anarchism. Flash flooding, heat waves. New Panama Canal not big enough for bloated globalization. Mass shootings 50 years old. Cannibal gulls, space travel bad for hearts. Action news, two calls (AR,MO). Good faith interaction with anarcho-primitivism: let's have some. Reminder: deadline looms for BAGR submissions.


[audio] My "Concluding Anti-History Postscript." Istanbul anarchist on post-coup situation in Turkey. Cop shooting of the week. Water woes, "natural" disasters? Are we at the end of anarchism? Done in by technology and nihilism? "Binge TV Watching Can Kill You." Ads of the week. Merger mania. Wild birds help African foragers find honey. "Depression is a Disease of Civilization." by Sara Burrow. How to set a Fire and Why by Jesse Ball.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Vets shoot cops in Dallas, Baton Rouge. "terrorist" label too easy. Much discussion of nihilism in general and ITS-type nihilism in particular. More hiding in dis-abling, dis-connecting technology. Facebook aims at total planetary reach; drive to produce synthetic 'human' genome. Hello Kitty infantile consumer culture. More tech, even more epidemics. Anarcho-primitivism the target of those who preach giving up.


[audio] Less Afghanistan troop removal, more to go to Iraq. 5 white cops killed in Dallas, dominant society goes crazy; 9 blacks killed Charleston church last year, not a crisis. Billboard of the week (China): "Civilization is the Most Beautiful Scenery!" Computer perception requires reality to change, not the machine. "What Americans Drawn to ISIS Have in Common." World's lakes, forests drying up, dying off. Action news, 3 calls. Recording failure: last 14 minutes lost.


[audio] Fear of slaves, indigenous evident in Declaration of Independence. Adventures in podcasting; Hillary-booster Chomsky declines dialog with JZ. "No Going Back" - really? Rio Olympics "catastrophe". The answer to VR's fake world? More VR! New ITS interview: same no-hope-ism. Income inequality still growing. Florida Atlantic coast fouled, global air worsens, dam-building craze continues. Ad of the Week (afiniti). Fine report on Fireflies gathering. Action news, three calls.


[audio] Brexit - phoney anti-globalization. The "anti-globalization" movement at its peak 15 years ago. Nihilism and its close cousin, post-modernism. Peak sand? Local fat cats cash in as poor lose health coverage. Eugene Anarchists for Torrey (2000). Europe's growing army of robots may become "electronic persons." Internet "Stirs grief...we're all more alone than ever," Virginia Heffernan. Man marries phone in Las Vegas. Ad of the week (Cylance), one call.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts, at new KWVA digs. Cities sizzle, California burning. Orlando, etc: Why Does This Keep Happening??" asks Obama, but not anarchists(?) ITS/RS pro- claim dead-end nihilist meaninglessness. Hunting for alien life i.e. tech life(!) Have a "true African cultural experience": go on a safari to see hunter-gatherers in Tanzania (!) "Russian Robot Gets a Few Hours Freedom after Escaping a Lab(!) Shanghai Disney opens: truly "cross-cultural"(!) Action news, upcoming events. One call, two attempted calls.


[audio] Orlando massacre, related enveloping violence. Fearful, anxious children. Failure of anarchy to face challenge, offer analysis. Internet of Everything not succeeding, not even arriving. "Hobbit" species seafaring 700,000 years ago. PTSD - even war preferable to dead civilian life. Center for Applied Rationality - think like a computer! "The End of Reflection" by Teddy Wayne. One call, resistance news.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Muhammed Ali - how out of fashion. Varieties of violence and heat. "Kill button" for robots? Already internal one for species? VR better than this "grey reality." Fabulous new products: LucidCatcher e-headband for dream control, Bedtime VR Stories for remote parenting. Action news, one call.


[audio] Memorial Day and our FREEDOMS. Giant Fort McMurray fire unleashes contaminants. Trump=Fascism?? Transgressing species divides with Thos. Thwaites and Chas. Foster. The Four Dimensional Human by Laurence Scott. Last resort antibiotics failing, world's biggest dam slated for Congo. Great Barrier Reef dying - Australia tries to censor UN report. One call, resistance news, ads of the week.


[audio] Most insane product of the week : smart shoes. Facebook follies - who does JZ's? (not JZ). Political dis-integration? Paiutes vs. liberal "defender"? Huel (like Soylent); Fast Food Aid in Tokyo (to junk food eaters). Horrors of pollution in India. Heat, emissions rising sharply. Ad of the week (Cisco), resistance briefs. Utter irrelevance of new issue of Anarchy magazine. Four calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Movement in Brazil, zika virus globalizing. Rydra's statement at anews. RS-type arson in Helsinki: nihilism. Role of the spirit. World cities and air pollution. Anti-civ comics at Action news. Four calls.


[audio] Canada burning, nihilism spreads (e.g. Rome bombed by RS-type group, suicide rate climbing). The usual eco disasters, weasel brings Large Hadron Collider to halt. VR sex suit unveiled in Japan, VR used to treat severe paranoia - one flight from reality replaced by another. Robots R Us, ISIS collapsing? Stabbing sprees in past two days. Inner peace options: Dalai Lama or smartphone app. BAGR#3 out this week. Resistance briefs.


[audio] No broadcast next week (5/3) due to travel. Earth Day? There's an app for that. Shootings, recalls news. Suicide rate climbing, life expectancy slipping. Read my "Modernity Takes Over." DeLillo's "Zero K" novel questions tech's ultimate claims. Lies about urbanism courtesy of techno-ideology.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Quakes in Japan and Ecuador: crushed by civilization. A nihilist talk in Portland. AK Press won't carry BAGR, Zerzan. "A New Dark Age Looms" as warming reaches ever new heights e.g. year-round fire season. Anti-civ perspective grows. Minecraft, chatbots, wacko high-tech ads. "Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Capitalism." Tasty action briefs, calls from Arkansas and Ohio.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. Virtual Reality and other tech colonization, impoverishment. Digital sweatshops. Scary water news world-wide. Indigenous suicides in Canada spike. High-tech Ads of the Week. Social media hold-outs, drop-outs. Action reports. Superb spring issue of Earth First! Journal. Order Black and Green Review!


[audio] Obesity reversing life expectancy, "Global Warming Making U.S. Sick." Fear is endemic, future seen more and more negatively. Emojis are "the new language of the heart," kids learn less due to technology. OD's spread, Zika heads north. more train accidents despite new tech, Great Barrier Reef dying, Antarctica ice melting faster. Resistance news, three calls.


[audio] (The first two or three minutes of the broadcast did not get recorded.) Report on Rojava: Paul Z. Simons in studio. Radical developments in northern Syria discussed, also collapse, nihilism, what is at stake. 2.7% of American kids are healthy, 3/4 of UK kids are outside less than prison inmates. AI-produced novel almost wins Ja- panese literary prize. Eugene Morozov: tech firms now run things, not govts. Action news, two calls.


[audio] Primitivist week at Postmodern twins: Trump and Aragorn!. Self-lacing sneakers, wired homes that "listen," automatic brakes vs. Marshall Islanders who've navigated for thousands of years without instruments. Infectious diseases increase, traffic everywhere worsens. Huawei ad: Decades of patient investment for a moment of divine clarity." Resistance news.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. My Arcata gig. Time to kick Trump ass? Ads of the week. The Age of Fact is Over: postmodernism and technology have erased the quest for truth. Pigs being offed, for a change. Increasing obesity, diabetes. UK is fragmenting, isolation on rise. Seas rising faster than thought, action news.


[audio] Recent gigs: Tucson, E-Law (our BAGR panel, horrid DGR recruitment effort); on to Arcata 3/11. "The End of American Idealism", "Use of Heroin in Plain View." Killer germs, "Seeking a Zika Dividend." Robot art critic and other Stupid Tech Tricks. China most dire, South Korea's juvenile pop culture, Fiji sinking, lithium batteries exploding. Action news.


[audio] A single Universal Time coming? Seattle trip (Left Bank Books evening). Interview with traditional O'odham resister, Ofelia Rivas; Upcoming Speakers Series in Tucson. Toxic blooms head north; seas rising, heating faster; selfies kill dolphin. Action news, Kesey Square fight (Eugene), three calls.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Zika virus may be caused by anti-mosquito larvacide(!) Science/tech claims/projections so often fail. Scalia and "the Air We breathe." Records fall: wild tem-perature swings in US. Mekong Delta gravely imperiled. Rampage shootings - now in Saudi Arabia. GPS, etc. "erode our cognitive maps." Action news, one call.


[audio] 82 degrees on Oregon coast February 8. The stink of big money everywhere. Adorno on freedom; Mandylas on nihilism. Recall mania, runaway pollution, suicide stories. Results of stress; the joke of voting. "Facebook friends almost entirely false." App of the week, re-sistance briefs.


[audio] Zika scourge spreads. "The End of Food Has Arrived, Finally" (Soylent); "my" Facebook page; new ITS communique. Nihilism, decadence.. Google now #1 in the world; Coca-Cola Pushes into Africa. Bolivia's second-largest lake is gone; US urban homelessness rises. Microsoft wants to cool big servers in ocean - but it won't add to ocean warming! Action news.


[audio] Cliff is back! (No stream/radio signal first 15 minutes.) Marvin Minsky: death of a techno-nazi. Killings in prehistory (E. Africa): hunter-gatherers or domesticators? GMO monkeys in China: how to confront autism(!) Mass recalls, Zika virus surges, plastics swamp oceans, record addiction levels. Anarchistnews suppresses Anarchy Radio. Action news, one call.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. More on Malheur occupation: govt. bows to white racist scumbags. 62 own as much as 3 billion others Massive gas leak in San Fernando Valley? Air as bad in rest of LA! Nightclubs fading out in Europe. Japanese addicted to cutesy mascots, retreat to tiny VR spaces. Tesla creates full-body VR: no unpleasant outside reality. Why journal? An app can do that. Scary health news. Action briefs, two calls.


[audio] Read "Decadence and the Machine." Right-wing occupiers in e. Oregon, David Brooks predicts "giant cultural explosion" from millennials, new opera composers are dystopian. Whales beaching globally, record heat wave in S. Africa, friendlessness=ill health, etc. Action news, one call.


[audio] Reactions to AR and JZ. - how to run? Gerald Vizenor in Black Seed!? McDonald's as China's new community; Raccoons Invade Brooklyn; School make kids standardized - and sick. An app to prevent deforestation. Supermines. Rush to exploit Antarctica. Adorno: "The freedom in philosophy is nothing but the capacity to lend a voice to its unfreedom." Key question - What does that unfreedom consist of? Resistance news.


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