Cover of _A People's History of Civilization_ Cover of _Time and Time Again_
  • A People's History of Civilization, Feral House, 2018
  • Time and Time Again, Detritus Books, 2018
  • Why Hope? The Stand Against Civilization, Feral House, 2015
  • Future Primitive Revisited, Feral House, 2012
  • Origins: A John Zerzan Reader, a joint publication of FC Press and Black and Green Press, 2010
  • Twilight of the Machines, Feral House, 2008
  • Running On Emptiness, Feral House, 2002
  • Against Civilization (editor), Uncivilized Books, 1999; Expanded edition, Feral House, 2005
  • Future Primitive, Autonomedia, 1994 (out of print)
  • Questioning Technology (co-edited with Alice Carnes), Freedom Press, 1988; 2d edition, New Society, 1991 (out of print)
  • Elements of Refusal, Left Bank Books, 1988; 2d edition, C.A.L. Press, 1999
Cover of _Why Hope, 2015 Cover of _Future Primitive Revisited_
Cover of _Origins: A John Zerzan Reader_, 2010 Cover of _Twilight of the Machines_, 2008
Cover of _Running on Emptiness_, 2002 Cover of _Against Civilization_, 1999
Cover of _Future Primitive and Other Essays_, 1994 Cover of _Elements of Refusal_, 1988