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Archive: 2006-2012

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[audio] Kathan here. Newtown CT...what are the shooting rampages telling us? (most of the hour) Plus background news and 5 excellent calls from around the country.


[audio] Doha climate summit, more shootings, 'right to work' in Michigan, cyber snooping, other signs of the times. Action news, 'Two Cheers for Anarchism.' Revealing ads, three calls.


[audio] Cliff here. Civilization on the wane, taking Earth with it in so many ways. The Shallows discussion. Shootings, Ad of the Week. Action news. 3 calls.


[audio] Read 'Losing Consciousness.' News: e.g. Egypt, Bangladesh, Mexico, Dubai, TB, industrialism. Action roundup, one call.


[audio] Kathan live. Gaza, U.S. military woes, Gulf pathologies, Sandy blow back. Action news, Occupy views, two calls.


[audio] Sandy, Part III. Veterans' Day: sex scandals, etc., in the Land of Denial. Action items. "Civilization is Like a Jetliner." Two calls.


[audio] Leah Plant, Leah Kelly. Cloud Atlas (!). More on Sandy. Industrial and techno realities. Action news, two calls, poem by Ant.


[audio] Mega-storm Sandy and global warming, nukes, India, China. How to live forever. Evil Media book, action reports. One call. Health and tech news.


[audio] Cordage, Rowan, Bison in the studio with Karl and me. Rewilding conversation. News of the week e.g. major shootings data. Call form so. Oregon, action news. Lively broadcast.


[audio] Kathan here. Election zaniness, Afghan disasters, doping and cheating, NPR. Portland call about consciousness/resistance. Much action news, Free Leah-Lynn Plante!


[audio] Meningitis spreads, surveillance, drugging the kids, GMOs, ads of the week. Facebook, oil sheen in Gulf, stress & depression impacts. Action news. App for sorting socks.


[audio] Education or naked capitalism? General news: drones, goodbye Great Barrier Reef, technology vs. food, etc. Anti-modern Brits. Action news, crazed techno-developments. Great call from Soda Mt. Wilderness.


[audio] Cliff at the ready. Smoke Farm Symposium weekend. iPhone frenzy, high tech energy drain. Dis-ease reports. Call about crimethinc orientation. Shock Lobster! Action news.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. B. Traven/Hedges debate. Muslim world eruptsâmany facets; more news. "Revolution" TV, ospreys fight cell towers, action reports. Berlin anarchists burn books! Check out 3 calls.


[audio] Violence on the mall. Rest of "The Sea," more on Individualists Tending toward the Wild. Tech ads of the week, action news, 3 calls, poem by Ant.


[audio] Conventions, droughts, drones, shootings, organics. Individualists Tending to the Wild collection. Call from Massachusetts. "The Sea" reading, poem by Ant.


[audio] Conventions and unreality. Neil Armstrong--adventurer? "Another Day, Another Workplace Shooting." Bison calls: excellent front-line report. Action news, techno-ads of the week.


[audio] Kathan's back! Her report from Rome. All-over news: army suicides record, U.S. anxiety levels, the corpse of unionism, worsening weather, etc. The specter of anarcho-primitivism, action news.


[audio] Alice and JZ discuss England trip (e.g. Raven Row Gallery event and outlook, London aspects). Dark Mountain: has it thrown in the towel, like Desert? World news.


[audio] Jacob and The Bird take the reins. Message from Syrian anarchist. Grand Jury doings in the Northwest, update on Species Traitor #5 (call from Kevin Tucker). Tech and environmental news/comments.


[audio] JZ absent, Wylden Freeborne at the wheel. Calls for most of the hour, discussion of anxiety and its negative effects on our ability to live free. Report from Australian caller on Wild Roots, Feral Futures


[audio] Cliff at the ready. Aurora CO massacre-any learning curve? Call from Kansas City. Global capers. Ads of the week, action news.


[audio] Managing the dominant order. Eco-disasters roll out, so do the shootings: two sides of the same coin. 'God particle' or function of massive technology? Call from Texas. Resistance news.


[audio] With media prof Chris Robe. Weekly news. Industrial weather, industrial 'health' (isolation, drug epidemics, shootings). Anarchy in Florida, two calls. Resistance news. Mickey Mouse in North Korea.


[audio] Hedges, Jensen's new low, Occupy vs. De-Occupy, Asian Spring? Extreme weather. Report from Feral Roots, 2 other calls, MEEBOs. Action news.


[audio] Postmodern complicity, Jensen complicity. End of Arab Spring, end of Occupy? Drones, debris, droughts, digital deadness. Action news, tech saves us!


[audio] Bye, bye, Occupy (my date with Occupy). Rio + 20, solar industry, loneliness. Ads, books. Desert, Chomsky (desert of Enlightenment). Action news, MEEBOs, 2 calls.


[audio] Guest: Occupy Eugene's David Sierralupe. Indiana law: OK to shoot cops. Suicides/rampages, Ray Bradbury R.I.P., happiness levels, big fires. Anarchy and Occupy. Action news.


[audio] Me and Karl. Shootings, fracking, over-heating, advertising - 'new highs.' Announcements. God Save the Queen. Resistance is spreading, leftism is dying. More Ads of the Week. One call, MEEBOs.


[audio] Memorial Day fascism, continuing/spreading malignancy. Cliff here: Critchley, Zizek, Jensen; also Bristol robotics dystopia. Action news, tasty MEEBOs.


[audio] Kathan with us, pre-Rome. Seas still rising but not Facebook; ads of the week. Much discussion of anarchist upsurge and Occupy. Resistance news. Michael Becker call, many MEEBOs


[audio] Me and Karl. News: beaches bye-bye, binges, bullies, bozo ads. Occupy and anarchy, actions here and there, techno-follies. Many MEEBOs; sorry, insufficient time to get to all of them.


[audio] With Kathan. Perverse news. May Day news and opinion, Black Bloc victories. Action round-up. New films, blogs, events. MEEBOs.


[audio] May Day! Drone/empire/police state/hunger/enviro news. New books, action bits, (De-) Occupy, techno-reality. Good MEEBOs.


[audio] Kathan here. Wisconsin gigs, Amazing News. Loneliness of cyberspace. Action news, two calls, MEEBOs.


[audio] Chris Hedges spews again, is exposed. General Strike fantasy for Occupy. Umatilla rewilding project. Anxiety, isolation, industrial earthquakes, Google glasses insanity. Computer culture as terminal undermining of thought and poetry (George Steiner). One call, several MEEBOs.


[audio] Cliff on show. Calamity news. Progress vs. uncontacted people. Next Nature, entropy and complexity, the new Matrix (surveillance machines). Neurosis explained. Action news. MEEBOs.


[audio] Political science conference in Portland. "Tragic news," lots of high-tech/social network developments. Excellent Michael Becker tune, action news. Two calls, MEEBOs.


[audio] Kathan present. Even more shootings, extreme weather, major industrial assaults, drug technology frauds. Occupy. Action reports! AGAINST ECOLOGICAL SOVEREIGNTY by Mick Smith. Debilitating immersion in technology. Wiring problem prevented calls. "Arrowhead Laser Pointer"!


[audio] 45-minute broadcast due to sports coverage run-over. Afghan shooting massacre--and domestic ones. Challenge to Jensen: open discussion in Madison. New novels, action news. Four calls from several states; MEEBOs, too.


[audio] News, the Lorax, K-pop. More on India, Occupy. My anti Hedges/Jensen "Vagaries of the Left." Action reports. Lotsa MEEBO.


[audio] News bits. INDIA trip. Occupy. Action reports, announcements. Parting shot at Chris Hedges/Derrick Jensen. Many MEEBOs, one call (Florida).


[audio] JZ still in India, Wylden Freeborne and Will Feral filling in. Some calls, some meebos and a lot of ranting on the mind control of domestication, killer cops, federal raids for "computer crimes" in Portland.


[audio] JZ in India, Wylden Freeborne filling in. More progressive garbage from Hedges and Jensen discussed. Critical response from caller. Layla Abdel-Rahim ( guest caller from Montreal, Quebec, discusses the myths of civ, the lie of civ safe space and the wildness of Black Bloc. Update on Wild Roots Feral Futures, 2012 Music by Di Nigunim and Hayduke Lives!


[audio] Revealing news from all over. Occupy Eugene: its promise and internal enemies. Viva Tango Down and the Vagilutionaries! Action clips, ads of the week, life coaches. MEEBOs and call from New Hampshire.


[audio] Kathan at the ready. News observations, Occupy viewpoints and other politics (e.g. ABCs, Weinberg, Jensen). "Unfettered technological development [anonymous]," action news, MEEBOs.


[audio] Whirled news. Methodistss, industrial tourism, shootings, Occupy, Arundhati Roy. Action news, various Ads of the Week, MEEBOs.


[audio] News round-up. Conversation with Jamil, Occupy Eugene. Wired developments, action news.


[audio] News scan. 5th Estate, Sovereign Self, Insurgent. Action reports. Digital culture, Jensen culture, Occupy Eugene. Let's go 2012!


[audio] Cliff here. Selected disaster news. D. Jensen's ultimate Fan Fundraiser. David Owen's Green Metropolis, Agamben's coming community. Action news and ads of the week.


[audio] Kathan here. My excellent Arizona trip (viz. O'odham benefit event). Facebook, end of privacy, digital imperialism. Fine Travis the Chimp story, Occupy updates, action news.


The 12/13 broadcast, with Shane and Brian, was not recorded. Alas!


[audio] Insane news of the week. Let's pretend: the liberal as 'anarchist.' Technoworld survey. Dan reports on Black Bloc and Indigenous at anti-ALEC in AZ. Other action news.


[audio] Insane news of the week. Let's pretend: the liberal as 'anarchist.' Technoworld survey. Dan reports on Black Bloc and Indigenous at anti-ALEC in AZ. Other action news.


[audio] Weekly potpourri, Occupy stuff (e.g. report from Portland). Ads of the week. Action news, periodicals. More Pinker critique. Two calls, many MEEBOs.


[audio] Kathan on board (stoked about Occupy Portland). Penn State, China, mega-mammoth energy projects globally. Action reports. But mostly perspectives on Occupy. Good calls, MEEBOs.


[audio] Chase at the board. Desert revisited. Extreme weather, warming spikes. Ads of the week, tasty actions globally. Lots on Occupy. Developments that Couldn't Possibly Go Wrong. Lots of Meebo and Facebook chat.


[audio] "A Ballad of Modern Progress," Greece, Pinker on how non-violent civilization is (!!!). More on the Occupy movement. Action reports, ads of the week. One call, MEEBOs.


[audio] Cricket returns. News of the weird week. 'Occupy' analysis, ads of the week, action news. Good calls (e.g. from O'otham land in Arizona) and MEEBOs.


[audio] Cliff co-hosts. News, Steve Jobs and JZ¹s anti-Jobs interview (see "Occupy" stuff, action reports, Jensen watch, plus calls and MEEBOs.


[audio] Kathan present! Pretty much the whole hour about the Occupy movement. Several MEEBOs and calls.


[audio] Occupy ______ phenomenon. Hawaii trip. Omar Khayyam, solar and wind zaniness. Killer cantaloupes, drugs for everything (horrendous side effects). MEEBOs.


[audio] Ads of the crazy world. Health, Arctic ice, anxiety, technosphere developments/madness. No hiding from a totalizing reality. Some fine action news. Two calls, two MEEBOs. Blackout folks on deck next week!


[audio] Iraq, 9/11, ads of the week. Victoria anarchist book fair. New book: DESERT, a document of surrender. Other, better new books. Action news! Two calls; MEEBO not connected.


[audio] Shootings, weather, Labor Day. Poop burger a fraud! Green pollution, action news. More on Jensen disgrace. Christian anarchists' get-together. 1 call, MEEBOs.


[audio] The world at large (e.g. Irene, tar sands pipeline, oceans warming). Derrick Jensen goes to FBI. Action reports. Meebo, calls.


[audio] Next Nature. Libya, East Coast earthquake. Anarchist--and not so anarchist--ideas. Obese mice on SRT-1720 are JUST FINE. Mini-dinosaur chickens. Action news. One call.


[audio] Cliff with me and Karl. Somalia, Syria, North Sea oil spill, Iraq, shootings, "Life" on screens. Exxon: "smart gasoline, clean emissions!" Lots of action news, including Mexican "Unabomber(s)". Several calls.


[audio] Afghanistan, domestic family slaughters multiplying. England blazing! 'Social' networks, crazed ads, more action. Several calls. Poems with edge.


[audio] Debt 'crisis' extravaganza and Graeber's poverty of thought ('Debt'). Portland anarchists' counter-charges. Video games advance as some demand more of life. Ads of the week, major action news. Soli's 'Facebook' poem.


[audio] The rest of "Origins and the Trickster," JZ's busy weekend (in Portland and Corvallis), PC craziness at anarchist book fair (a call), Norway, and everyday carnage. Drought realities, action news.


[audio] rot'n co-hosts, friend and former Green Anarchy editor. Lively show, including call from another G.A. editor and friend. High-tech madness, e.g. virtual touch (!) and Shadow Cities game in which the actual world goes virtual. Wide-ranging discussion, action news.


[audio] "Origins and the Trickster" part one. The Pale King and modern tedium. Action news. Obesity, autism, weather, massacre shootings worsen and more people see through the lies. One stellar call (about the lie of technology).


[audio] The loss of our friend Jamie Owsley (see 5.4.2010 and 12.1.2009 shows). Ups and downs of the week. Art news. Technoplague threatens planet. Action reports, especially Val Susa, Italy! Four excellent calls.


[audio] Get a cyber hug from Sense-Droid! If A Tree Falls movie. Nuke plants under threat of fire, floods. Jensen's new low. New and continuing resistance, action news, upcoming events.


[audio] Kathan on the show. Ocean life collapsing. DGR debate, part 4. Vancouver hockey riot. Food from poop! Shootings, ads of the week, action news. One call.


[audio] (Only a 30-minute broadcast because of a KWVA scheduling foul-up.) Anarchy Finland! Police State USA! Japan! Another DGR critique and a good call about this phenomenon. Action news!


[audio] There's an app for that. E.coli and super bacterial strains. Mega-dams everywhere. The Kalapuya in Oregon. Deep Green Resistance and actual resistance. Calls and MEEBOs.


[audio] Carcinogenic cell phones. E. Coli outbreaks getting more severe. Indigenous news from C.B. in Victoria, B.C. Critiques of Deep Green Resistance. Actual resistance spreading, action news. Jonathan Franzen: technology vs. love. Two calls, MEEBOs.


[audio] Cliff present. More crazed weather. Kevin Kelly defends tech desolation. Deep Green Resistance follies. Action news. Caroline Wickham-Jones, Amondawa language has no use for time. 2 calls plus MEEBOs.


[audio] Kathan co-hosts. Drowning Cajuns, exploding Chinese watermelons, French kissing via Internet. Action news. Herzog's Chauvet Cave film. Faster and faster goes the techno-immersion. Many MEEBOs (too many to cover).


[audio] My Arizona trip. Freedom blazes recent and current, in various countries. All-out development, asthma, autism. Invisible Committee Frenchies spotted in California. One call, lotsa MEEBO.


[audio] Disfigured celebrations (e.g. upon Bin Laden's assassination, royal wedding). Takes on resistance: good, bad, and moronic. Tech news, May Day, cave art. ACTION reports. MEEBO interaction!


[audio] Chernobyl, Columbine and other wonderful April anniversaries. The techno-totality and the techno-leash. Chomsky, ads of the week. Dominant system losing focus, legitimacy. Action reports. Fine call and MEEBO action.


[audio] Sweeney Todd. Bizarre weather. Latest zines, action reports and communiqués. Chomsky coming to campus and other lefty dunderheads. Two calls and MEEBOs.


[audio] Filmmaker Philippe Borrel on board. Trickster tales. Global follies, action reports, new zines. MEEBO action, a few questions for Philippe.


[audio] Albuquerque symposium. Rising sense of crisis, unreality of techno promises. Action news. "Happiness" reading. One call and some MEEBO messages.


[audio] News of a crazy world. Action reports, ads of the week. Chomsky is a Trotskyist. Jensen watch. High-tech culture: ever more unhealthy.


[audio]Kathan co-hosts. The Arab spring, ongoing Japan disaster, the direction of the anti-civ dialogue, high tech media. Six calls! Not enough time!


[audio] Cliff on the show. Wisconsin. Japan: one more disaster. High tech dis-ease. "Deep Green Resistance" vs. approach of ELF in Mexico. Three calls.


[audio] World news, memory, therapy, techno-developments, and, mostly, Lierre Keith's very authoritarian "Deep Green Resistance" approach (3 calls about it).


[audio] Uprising fever! The disaster of Afghanistan and other Obama gifts. Rampant eco-cide. Action reports. Ad of the week, latest techno news. Call/report from Madison.


[audio] Libya, 'sustainable' development, local Food Justice Conference, Wisconsin anti-union effort. END:CIV review, action reports. Technology devices and deceits. One call.


[audio] Kathan on deck. Egypt, et al.! Abstract Expressionism, urban pathologies, drilling/pipeline disasters. Fine action news, "Why I Don't Call Myself a Primitivist" discussion.


[audio] My Vancouver/Victoria trip last week. Global food crisis; its connection to eco-crisis. Resistance news. Postmodern philosophy and the high tech ethos.


[audio] Taco Bell, Egypt, seas and factories rising. Car pools, gyms? Not isolating enough. Great ads, action reports, a wacky poem. One call.


[audio] Cairo uprising. Many US cop casualties; Alone Together, new Sherry Turkle book. Anthropology corner. Action news. four calls (including a friendly prank one).


[audio] Kathan here. Tunisian insurrection. Shootings, crazy weather. "What is Insurrectionary Anarchism?" (anon.), Michael Becker's 'Anarcho-Primitivism.' Quotes/ads of the week. Action reports, two calls.


[audio] Arizona shootings, mounting global ecocide. Ads of the week (Dupont, Panasonic), action news. Michael Becker (from Fresno State and Sierra Nevada Earth First! Radio) interview, second half of the show.


[audio] Steffi and Aragorn here from South Africa on their anarchist documentary odyssey. Deepening insanity at every level. Resistance reports, two calls.


[audio] Kathan here. Drinking water & cancer, other industrial results; shootings. We discuss Merrifield's The Coming Insurrection-as-marxism, Rowan's weak demo/kettling/tactics offering, and Severino's fine critique of Morales regime and its deadly program. Action news, one call.


[audio] Cliff here. Fan mail, crazier weather, goodbye Antarctica. Ecology without Nature vs. reintegrating into nature. Ads of the week, wonderful action news. Four calls.


[audio] Beethoven, worker editorial, Derrick's 'no voluntary change is possible' mantra, Wikileaks, Cancun climate summit, and some usual themes of disaster and resistance, ads of the week, two calls (IRC and Atlanta).


[audio] Empire & Wikileaks. Child soldiers in Africa A-OK with Obama. Earth First! at 30. Amazing technonews and declining health. Action reports. Psionic Plastic Joy zine, its anti-tech orientation. How stable is society?


[audio] Kathan here. Lethal stampedes: Cambodia to Black Friday. Technology uber alles. Ad of the week. Action review, Derrick watch. More on Anvil Review #1.


[audio] JZ and Karl. Pennsylvania talks. Kevin Kelly's What Technology Wants. Derrick Jensen on Democracy Now. Action news. Invasive globalization, invasive species, Anvil Review #1.


[audio] Mara, Jacob and Mark take over the show. Lots of action news, a call-in from Simon in Olympia. Brief forays into insurrectionary theory.


[audio] Three Holy! Holy! Holy! guys on the show, on tour. Deteriorating Iraq, voting charade in U.S. ($4 billion). Most unbelievable ad: Metlife's "Today the World is Waking up to a More Secure Tomorrow." Action news. Cliff calls re Kevin Kelly, tech worshipper, in Portland.


[audio] Mara, Jacob and Simon with John. Iraq, crazy weather, loneliness, high-tech/robotics re-doing of life. Action reports, especially Khimki forest struggle, France. Some theory, need for explicitly ant-civ perspectives to avoid repeating same old, limited militancy. Only off-air calls.


[audio] 2010 NOT the end of world! More miners die: cornerstone of industrial life. Biodiversity falling, severer droughts on the way, anxiety disorders on rise. Action news e.g. FRANCE, Mapuche. Critique of gatekeeper Left. Pentagon fired on today. One call.


[audio] Kathan here. Red Sludge (all is in the open now as disasters multiply). right-wing Obama. More on encouraging meaning of Italy tour. Facebook follies & high tech immersion. Two calls.


[audio] Alice and I discuss Italy: 8 events in 8 cities in 8 days. Che un successo! Ads of the week, toxic sludge, Facebook rescues schools. Two calls.


[audio] Just me and Karl. Texting swallows all, Video Game College next. Bizarro ads, action news, William Gibson knows little. More shootings, calls from Calgary, Portland.


[audio] Kathan here. Bringing it all down before all is lost! Biofuels vs. food, global water crisis. Resistance news. Zizek, and Gungadin Lohar last week--what a contrast in approaches!


[audio] Gungadin Luhar from India: Coalition Against Work and Civilization. Wonderful interview/conversation. The CAWC perspectives and efforts in the Indian context. Extremely informative; GL an excellent individual!


[audio] Cliff co-host. Iraq, 9-day Chinese traffic jam, industrial-strength bedbugs. Warming, poisoning, resistance news. Assaults on the concept of nature, illusions about technology. Call from Chicago.


[audio] Kathan here. A bit more on Christian primitivist dialogue. International action news. Fakebook, disaster spreads, This is Your Brain on cyberspace. How an anti-civ narrative connects with the present. No show August 24; Cliff on deck in two weeks.


[audio] Extreme weather getting more extreme as mass society devours world...But mainly a conversation with christian primitivists, following the weekend's Roots of Resistance gathering in Portland. Three excellent calls.


[audio] Major shootings, oil everywhere. Extreme weather. Middle East, China, India. Development--high tech and otherwise--ain't it grand? Action news and views, but still no phone connection.


[audio] Afghanistan-Pakistan, Empire and its police state. Oil spills everywhere and earth's temperature setting new records. Action news. Islands going under, and so is faith in institutions. Bleak scene but system is now a hollow shell. Avanti!


[audio] Collapsing faith in technology as we are yet held hostage. Anthropology news. Paleolithic vs. depression. Ways to hide from reality. Action reports. Still no phone connection.


[audio] Civilization means gassing the geese, âlifeâ coaches, robots, nutritionless food, cyber cheating. Action news, assorted books. Viva Kathan!


[audio] Just me and Karl, no phone lines. Ireland trip. Considerable resistance news (e.g. G20 in Toronto). Crazy ads, the usual carnage. Anarchy according to Trotskyists. Zizek, Fukuoka.)


[audio] Still no phone connection; just JZ. Government in disarray, BP and the rest of the picture. Technology leads to pathology, much on the subject. Would anarchy necessarily be non-industrial? (No 6/29 broadcast.)


[audio] KZ on deck. International action news. Ecology Without Nature madness. Books great (Pandora's Seeds: The Inforeseen Consequences of Civilzation) and awful (Learning Native Wisdom). How do we move forward as prevailing system shows us one disaster after another? Still no phone connection, sorry.


[audio] Just JZ, still no phone-in connection. More on the Gulf oil apocalypse and the overall death-trip nature of techno-industrial existence. Resurgence of Peak Oil thinking and preparedness, increasing awareness of emptiness/degraded nature of the immersion in digital mediations. More shootings, suicide -- is there no response?


[audio] Cliff here, addressing Zizek (confusion‹commie), artificial life. Industrialized desert, industrialized world. Action reports, the need to attack basics of collapsing system. Gaza flotilla murders, Gulf disaster, suicide plague. Phone still not functioning. Tim's birthday!


[video] [audio] Alice here. Gulf oil spill disaster, more Chinese schoolchildren stabbed to death. Our Sweden-Norway trip. Action news medly, further technoculture madness. New books (e.g. For Wildness and Anarchy, Born to Run). Phone not working. PictureEugene segment: forest defender Becky White sings about Geronimo's sisters.


[video] Jamie hosts this week while John spreads the anti-civilization message across Sweden. Jamie plays a variety of music through out the show and speaks about the importance of being positive, addiction and the effects of these attitudes on water crystals. A phone call on the anarchist in Ohio who refuses to leave his home after getting an eviction notice. PictureEugene segment: "The Patrician", the fight of a retired community to save their trailer park from development.


[video] [audio] My fine Oly weekend at the NW Anarchist Conference. Gulf oil spill disaster, homeless man dies on NY street among passers-by. Tales of alienation in mass society; news of uprisings. Bizarre life in the technoculture, new books. Four calls. PictureEugene segment: Tasered: What a Drag, Man (Van Ornum pesticide rally)


[video] [audio] Cliff co-hosts, brings tunes, discusses limits of Zizek, mirage of Paleolithic diet. Iceland volcano occasions globalization vs. degrowth/localism awareness. Action reports. 11 years since Columbine shootings. PictureEugene video segment: young woman featured in AlienGardener, Running with the Pack.


[video] [audio] Return of Peak Oil (?) as supply falls. Lots of action news, environment updates. New books re: theory, technoculture. Calls about Portland, Sade. Division of labor: Marx and Adorno. PictureEugene video: "Mother's Day Special" (mother and son tell all at local tavern).


[video] [audio] Stream working(!) and now, thanks to Karl, our own server for when it isn't. More on excellent Portland black bloc moves. The shame of popes, presidents, industrial reality, the Left. Action news and publishing developments. New books: the biofuel delusion, and a non-approach to globalization. Calls from Portland, Pennsylvania, Montana, Eugene. A forest dweller's rant on the police state is the PictureEugene segment.


[video] [audio] Solo show, no stream, two callers. Societal meltdown, anarchists failing to notice? Action news, strong black bloc in Portland. Russian TV journalist says anarchism is the solution there (!). iPad as all-enveloping "ecosystem" vs. need to reconnect with natural/unbuilt world. M. Dumont: un marxiste? PictureEugene video segment: ¡Tchkung! show in Eugene 1999.


[video] [audio] School stabbings in China, suicides at Cornell, massive Hong Kong pollution. Global action news, including anti-cop anarchist riot in Portland, announcements, new publications, bizarro leftist perspectives (e.g. marxist "analysis" from Anarchist Studies duo). Latest techno and eco-collapse findings. No stream, but "blind" call from Atlanta, plus local callers. PictureEugene video segment: kids on hiking trail near Eugene.


[audio] With Kathan Z. SF Anarchist Book Fair and B.A.S.T.A.R.D. conference last weekend. Local call-ins plus calls from Kansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania. Subversive art news. More on Black bloc and indigenous.


[video] [audio] Politics as usual, latest shootings, eco-deterioration. International action news. Calls about Vancouver anti-Olympics marches, industrial collapse. ChatRoulette and related techno-estrangement. PictureEugene video segment: Eugene Copwatch captures cop harassment.


[video] [audio] Chile: industrial death; U.S.: unrestricted profits, bonuses, pollution: the age of arrogance (including pro-nukes, pro-Patriot Act Obama). Action reports. Five call-ins from near and far, e.g. gatherer-hunter gender relations, Melville¹s anti-civ Typee. Avatar. Leftist attacks on exemplary recent black bloc activity, excellent reply by Vancouver¹s Harsha Wella. Stream functioning again. PictureEugene video segment: 90s forest defense in Oregon.


[video] [audio] Micah Griffin guest re: recent closing of the 540 Fillmore Warehouse in Eugene by the City. Several supportive call-ins opposing this seemingly selective suppression of a wonderful creative space. Action news. Cowardly opposition to black bloc militancy. Toyota recall. Picture Eugene segment on the Warehouse. There was no stream, unfortunately


[audio] Kathan Zerzan co-host. No stream but two local call-ins. Resistance to Winter Olympics and other action news. Vortex rock festival, Oregon 1970. Widespread depression and nature of love songs today. U of Alabama rampage shooting. Postmodern corner: Castoriadis, Eco, Lanier. Audio only


[video] [audio] JZ back from a week in Arizona, discusses impressive developments there, e.g. indigenous-anarchist connection/alliance. Several calls, including two from Phoenix. Action news, announcements. Upcoming SF Anarchist Book Fair. PictureEugene video segment: child on a springtime swing -- pre-videogames.


[video] [audio] Cliff hosts this weeks show while John is on a speaking tour down in Arizona. More AVATAR, native peoples losing their language, Bill Gates on how he's going to save the world with modern medicine and re-educating our children, the importance of silence and how we're losing it. PictureEugene video segment; Matthew Mcdaniel pays a visit to a university of Oregon administrator on why they should take away Paul Lewis' PHD for sterilizing Akha women. (


[video] [audio] New Eugene infoshop! Absurd stuff from Supreme Court, Obama, Osama, Mike Roselle. Call-in from Layla in Montreal about AVATAR. Technology swallows all, estrangement rising. Cries of nature rising, time to create Pandora here and now.


[audio] Kathan Z is co-host. Further discussion of AVATAR and a call from Nekeisha in Memphis on that subject. Report from JZ about Madrid and Brighton visits; comments on Haiti, Pacifica Forum protests. Action news.


[video] Action news round-up. Latest techno madness. Four calls from near and far: pro-Avatar; back pain as symptom of contemporary stress-world; questions re: critique of symbolic culture; recommended readings. Mental health deteriorating, end of civilization the prescription! PictureEugene video segment: "A view from above," massive clearcuts in our national forests from above.


[video] [audio] More on Avatar, Yemen. More Obama outrages. My January travels: Spain/England, Arizona. Some direct action news vs. continuing devastation of species and habitat. Anthropology corner: Upper Paleolithic dyed textiles, alcohol use as response to domestication. Derrick Jensen in latest ORION: "Do something, anything." Anything?? Caller cites early diet shifts re: violence in culture. PictureEugene video segment: heated debate about a neighborhood tavern.


[video] [audio] Yemen: US war, US torture prisons in Lithuania. Avatar: Anarcho-primitivist blockbuster? Report on wonderful 12-27 BURN live radio show; A Portland benefit for Franklin Lopez' ENDCIV film project. World roundup of industrial ruination, anthropology corner, two call-ins. Video of David Rovics singing "Burn it down" during BURN benefit.


[video] [audio] The debacle of the Copenhagen climate change summit. Is it time to get serious yet? Action news and announcements, e.g. Jeff Luers is out of prison and doin' well! Two calls, in large part about Derrick Jensen: his move to the Left, is he pro-cop? Updates on eco-disasters and massive alienation.


[video] Guest: Alice Parman. Back from our three week tour we talked about India: highlights/impressions/friendships/movement of anarcho-primitivist ideas there. Such an encouraging memorable trip! Also action news round-up. Off air calls about India. Video segment from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.


[audio]Cliff and Kathan host as John works his way back to Eugene. Topics include: Copenhagen conference, anarcho-communism and Zizek, apocalypse theory, and Dubai financial collapse.


[video] John Zerzan is still on a speaking tour in India and Jamie is guest host on this week's show. Jamie takes us back in time when Eugene had more of a radical reputation; Icky's teahouse, June 18th anarchist riot, the Vortex, Cascadia Free Radio, etc...PictureEugene video segment; "The Vortex" when a bunch of peace loving hippies run the Eugene cops out of a city park.


[audio] John Zerzan is on a lecture tour in India for the next 3 weeks and Danielle and Madrone are guest hosts for this show. Subjects included Jeffrey "Free" Luers, relationships between elders and youth and trying to create community thru the use of the machine.


[audio] Anarchy Radio 11-17-2009, audio only. Kathan on deck for a wide-ranging show. General emotional state of society, more on christian primitivism, action news, crisis news (e.g. re: indigenous groups). More Left bashing, ads of the week. Excellent call from Minnesota.


[video] Lots of calls, including Andy and Jessica with (some what differing) christian primitivist perspectives. Fort Hood massacre, acts of resistance around the world, latest local pig misbehavior. Call-ins concerning Fort Hood, war, cops. Many voices! PictureEugene video segment; Ward Churchill part 2, "Origins of Globalization."


[video] Calls from Reggie, Kevin critiquing concepts of christian primitivism. News of social decomposition and action news internationally. Findings on climate, health, pseudo opposition. Julia call pondering reasons for minimal radical moves in the U.S. Anthropology corner: earliest humanity: new insights and sources.


[audio] [video] A multitude of international anti-authoritarian actions. Four call-ins: Are you for real about property damage as a tactic? Syndicalism as the path to primitive future? How about LSD as aid to liberation? Excellent report of christian primitivist gathering of 150 in Philadelphia 10 days ago, and some key critical challenges to the basics of christian primitivism from Kevin Tucker. A lively, packed hour!


[audio] [video] Guest: Kathan Zerzan. Anxiety, genocidal wars, rising suicide rates: civilization and its fruition. Action news and the energy afoot; culture of resistance? What is our practice when riots and sabotage do not seem generally available? KZ finding art-oriented folks more creative and potentially radical than leftists. Caller explored relationship between secessionists, militia types and primitivism.


[audio] [video] Adorno letter on friendship. Loony official news (Obama nobel peace prize, NASA blasts moon, Columbus day) vs. inspiring action news. Ads of the week, anthropology corner. Anti-climate news, Hadron Collider as civilization par excellence. Call from Pennsylvania. PictureEugene video segment, part two of "Ain't on Your Leash."


[audio] [video] Olympics, Afghanistan, resistance news. Eco-crisis impact on animals around the world; disease and emptiness in the technoworld. Column of the week, ads of the week. Role of criticism in our milieu. (Online radio stream is back but no calls, unlike last week.)


[audio] [video] General news and analysis (e.g. extreme weather, Afghanistan), action news (e.g. G20 resistance, luxury cars torched in Mexico), new films. Ad of the week: ceramics company touting titanium dioxide tile as the best thing for infants. "Zerzan on Chomsky and Jensen" and related exhanges. Aspects of non-health in the technoculture.


[audio] September 22 (audio only): Seth Martin, Portland christian primitivist, was my guest; performed three songs. Show was mainly an interview with him; fascinating discussion. Also action news, Ad of the Week, 1.7 million year old case of human caring, for an infirm fellow early Homo erectus individual...


[video] September 15: Guest: Kathan Zerzan. International resistance news. ecoNvergence conference discusssion - Chomsky, Jensen speakers, related politics of event, apparent disinvitation of John Z. Ads of the week. Various approaches to liberation. (Online stream not functioning, no call-ins.)

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